Daniela Strauss Art

German born, Melbourne based abstract painter Daniela Strauss works from intuition to create her works of organised chaos, their unique forms, patterns and colours derived from what the artist finds in nature.

“ The mission of art is not to copy nature , but to give expression to it .” Honore de Balzac 

24-Hour Endurance Drawing Project

An amazing experience to have taken part in, “The 24 Hour Endurance Drawing Project”, an event in which artists start & finish a work of art in a continuous 24 hours.

Abstract Landscape Series

Series of works in mixed media on canvas and paper, inspired by places travelled. The emotional landscape and the natural landscape are constantly in a state of flux and naturally tied together.

About me

Being in touch with nature and getting the positive energy coming from it plays an important part in my work. The subjective perception of the experienced environment serves as an inspiration.